IAmCoreyDean.com : #CoreyDean formerly known as CR THE BEAST has been killin the game for the 
past 15 years. Not exactly from the biggest market in the country (Providence, RI) but has been known to "roll dolo from state to state" leaving clubs and party goers #Turntup like no other.

Currently you can catch Corey Dean every Friday at Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, CT) and every
Saturday at Bijou (Boston, MA). For booking info contact Kingsoftheclub@gmail.com.


2/1 @ Bijou (Boston, MA)
2/7 @ Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, CT)
2/8 @ Bijou w/ Dj Clue (Boston, MA)
2/14 @ Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, CT)
2/15 @ Bijou (Boston, MA)
2/20 @ The Tunnel at W Hotel (Boston, MA)
2/21 @ Julep' (Boston, MA)
2/27 @ Local 121 (Providence, RI)
2/28 @ Mohegan Sun Casino (Uncasville, CT)
2/29 @ Bijou (Boston, MA)

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